Support Services

Our highly trained and professional personnel at Servowatch are able to offer an extensive range of support services normally included as standard technical support requirements within contracts. Resulting from our strength of knowledge in the market place, we are also able to offer these services for independent project requirements. Examples of the type of services we offer are listed below.

Site Servicing
Our experienced marine service engineers have been maintaining and upgrading our installed systems on Naval Vessels, Commercial Vessels and Yachts for 40 years. If your vessel has any problems, needs additional capacity or you just need a more modern system contact us to arrange for an engineer to visit your vessel.

Schaller Oil Mist Detector Service
For over 25 years we have been the sole approved UK facility for service of Schaller Oil Mist Detectors. Our workshop is fully equipped to carry out full servicing of Schaller Oil Mist Detectors. Contact us to arrange workshop servicing or to request a visit for servicing and re-commissioning systems on-board your vessels.

Spares and Repairs
We have 40 years’ experience in providing repair support and spare parts to our marine customers. From transducers to cables, PCBs to complete units, we offer many services tailored to providing our customers with the support they require.

PCB Services
Users of older third party electronic printed circuit boards frequently have problems in obtaining replacements or repairs. We have a specialised facility for the repair of PCB's and have the necessary technical knowledge to enable inspection, repair and test simulation under operating conditions for many types of PCB. Contact us for more information.
•    Repairs to many types of printed circuits
•    Obsolete & unknown manufacturers catered for
•    Complete board replacement for obsolete equipment
•    Boards tested under operating conditions

Marine Spare Parts
Contact us for sensors and instrumentation required for all types of marine control and monitoring systems.