System Integrators

Multifunction Architecture
Servowatch is recognised as a world leading system integrator. Unique software design allows integration of third party software into a common operator platform environment. "Task Orientation" for specific user profiles with a portability from station to station creates a highly redundant multifunctional operating environment. Typical applications include machinery, navigation, radar, electronic charting, internal and external communications, tactical sensors, auxiliary ship systems, camera networks, mission logging and playback functionality.

Process Control
Servowatch is accredited as Marine System Integrator for Rockwell Automation. For more advanced process control systems such as LNG fuel and tank management, safety shutdown systems, and for explosion proof environments, Servowatch engineers and supports solutions through the Rockwell product range.

Servowatch integrates independent monitoring, control and measurement packages from Vega (tank gauging), Schaller (oil mist detection), Optec (oily water sensing) and DEIF (power management modules).

Servowatch is the UK Sales agent for Gitiesse (Internal Communications and Multimedia).