Servowatch delivers IPMS to Philippines Navy.

Servowatch, a leading supplier of advanced integrated ship control systems, is very proud to announce they have delivered their world-class IPMS systems onboard the two new Frigates for the Philippine Navy’s Future Frigate programme. The project win, first announced by us back in mid-2017, now sees the first frigate, built-in Hyundai’s Ulsan facility, delivered to the Philippines. The second vessel, currently completing build, tests and trials, is on schedule for delivery later this year.


Servowatch Systems’ scope of supply comprises an IPMS control and monitoring package for the vessels’ propulsion plant, electric power plant, auxiliary/ancillary system. Electronic Damage Control System (EDCS) and Onboard Training System (OBTS) are also to be included in the scope of IPMS.


“With vessels increasing in complexity while simultaneously reducing crew sizes, systems integration is key to ensuring the functionality of critical equipments. Servowatch has introduced its most powerful IPMS solution allowing more COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) product integration. It reduces platform cost, integration time and commissioning, whilst retaining the survivability and power of the original Servowatch product,” says: Wayne Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Servowatch.


“We were delighted to have been down selected again to work with Hyundai in Korea for their Philippine Frigate project. Using commercial off the shelf components and the flexibility of our system programmers, we developed a system to suit the Philippine Navy’s specific needs. Even though there were changes and enhancements identified during the commissioning process, as one would expect with a complex system such as this, our team provided quick solutions to all of these and the system was delivered, installed and commissioned on time and on budget. We are confident that, with our local partner, iOne Resources who are based in Manila, we will continue to provide world-class support to the Philippines Navy long into the future” says Andrew Burns, Sales & Marketing Director, Servowatch.


Notes for Editors

Servowatch has been a world-leading provider of marine Alarm, Monitoring and Control Systems and other ships technology for 45 years. This experience is invested in its products and software for the benefit of the customer.


Approved by all major Classification Societies, the system architecture can be applied to any type of vessel. With the capability to distribute all ship control data on dual redundant networks, the operator will be provided with the best information and decision support system available.

As undeniable experts in the field of system integration, their ServoCoreTM Alarm Monitoring System and ServoFusionTM Integrated Platform Management Systems allows Servowatch to offer scalability, flexibility and simplified new fit and upgrade opportunities.

In collaboration with Grundon Marine, their experts in retrofitting new Alarm monitoring and control systems on all types of vessels, installation time is minimised onboard achieving installation of fully upgraded and type-approved system with low risk to the owner.


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