Propulsion Control

Bespoke Solutions Based on Proven Designs

Hybrid propulsion systems are often bespoke in their design to suit both the vessel and customer’s needs. However Servowatch’s approach to the Propulsion Control System (PCS) is to utilise existing proven software modules that are configured to suit the vessel specific implementation. This approach de-risks the Harbour and Sea Trial period as the software modules have been fully tested and proven on previous vessels. All Propulsion Control Systems are tested in the Factory using simulation hardware and software based on previous vessel data.


Servowatch have delivered many different Hybrid Propulsion Systems each with its own unique configuration. The fully configurable design of the Servowatch PCS allows each ship to have an optimised system design for both the hardware configuration and the operator requirements.



The Servowatch Hybrid PCS has a proven track record of successful implementation on projects with Lloyd’s Register PSMR* and DNV RPS notations. Servowatch engage with class at an early stage of a project to ensure class approval is achieved at the soonest possible opportunity in the design phase.


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