Commercial and military vessels around the world rely on our WINMON™ award winning software to help drive reliability and safety across their fleets.

Providing access to near real-time information, delivered wherever you need it, WINMON™ is the world’s best marine software interface for delivering the ‘state of the art’ performance; it has been specially designed for the marine sector with its user friendly interface making it easier to perform complicated tasks.

WINMON™9, our latest version of WINMON™ has generations of applied know-how behind it. Allowing for scalability, flexibility and easy, simple upgrades throughout the lifetime of your vessel. It has been written and developed by the award winning software development department at Servowatch. It is this specific knowledge of maritime solutions and experience in ship systems that allow you to benefit from a world class software interface with an advanced yet user friendly graphical interface that is unrivalled in its market sector.

As each solution is tailored to your specific need, you will have the information and control you need to keep your vessel operating efficiently.
Full integration across the vessel is possible as the software has been designed to be flexible so that it easily interfaces with all your 3rd Party products on board through Plugin Modules.


Alarm, Monitoring & Control System


Integrated Platform Management System


Propulsion Control


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