ServoGate has been specifically created to deliver compact and modular solutions for all shipping sectors including: smaller passenger ships, offshore support vessels, tugs and salvage vessels, inland waterway and luxury yachts. The standard ServoGate packages are future proofed allowing for later integration of additional hardware, software and auxiliary equipment through the vessels lifetime.


The ServoGate unit is the latest design from Servowatch featuring unparalleled flexibility across the entire range of Legacy, current and future Servowatch installations.Comprising ServoGate Master and ServoGate Slave boards, the ServoGate platform allows a single unit to be built with the correct number of interfaces.The ServoGate platform allows connection to Ethernet and/or ARCNET networks via single or preferably, Dual interfaces. This allows ServoGate to function in any Servowatch System. The Inputs and Outputs are highly configurable thanks to the interchangeable Input Output Modules (IOMs) which can be changed to match the type of Input or Output required.


Alarm, Monitoring & Control System


Integrated Platform Management System


Propulsion Control


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