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Servowatch utilises its ServoCore and ServoGate product ranges to provide  modular cost effective solutions for your AMCS needs


As a British owned SME business, Servowatch has the flexibility and expertise to design and manufacture bespoke systems to meet your exact needs for either new build designs or retrofit projects.


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Servowatch Replaces ISIS Alarm Monitoring Systems


The old ISIS250 and ISIS2500 Alarm Monitoring Systems originally made by Racal / Decca and latterly managed by Sperry Marine are now obsolete and being replaced by Servowatch Systems Limited.

Servowatch has developed a cost effective replacement for Decca ISIS alarm systems based on its ServoCore™ product. The Remote Termination Units (RTU) have been designed to interface with the ships field wiring keeping the installation costs to a minimum.

The solutions are designed to replace the local panel and 19” rack versions of ISIS. Using the ServoCore™ ISIS replacement gives customers the latest marine monitoring technology and Servowatch’s Winmon software.

The Servocore™ product is marine type approved in its standard format.

To date we have replaced systems on : –



We are now working on three (3) more systems …. if you have an old ISIS AMS that needs attention please contact us immediately to get a survey conducted.



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