Case Study

Servowatch Technology Transfer

Servowatch has successfully delivered technology transfer programs for a number of Naval projects.

Where local industrial content is required, the ability to transfer increased values of hardware, software, and engineering components is key.

By partnering with local expert companies, Servowatch is able to undertake extensive training of engineering personnel to enable an indigenous capability in the production, installation, and through life maintenance of its automation systems.

With specialist in-country support available, the customer benefits by way of local knowledge, support and system repeatability. Where commercial offsets are key to winning contracts, the high content of technology transfer from Servowatch, benefits suppliers and customers alike.

For example, Servowatch has been extremely successful in India and local partners. They are now capable of engineering and delivering on projects with Servowatch acting only in the role of the Design Authority. Continuous training and shared development enhances the indigenous content into the future.


Alarm, Monitoring & Control System


Integrated Platform Management System


Propulsion Control


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